Zad Community Center

January 2016 - June 2018

Reyhanli, Turkey

We established a community center in Reyhanlı, Turkey that provided social, educational, and psychological support for children, women, and youth, with the goal of empowering Syrian refugees in Turkey and enhancing their skills to be better integrated into Turkish society. This was accomplished over the span of two and a half years through a variety of programs, meaningful activities, and skill training, many of which were in collaboration with World Relief Germany and other local organizations.

Some achievement highlights:

  • 17 women got out of illiteracy and learned how to read and write
  • 14 women learned knitting and crochet and ten of them were able to create an income through it and support their families
  • 74 youth learned the Turkish language that helped them have a smoother transition into Turkish schools
  • 16 youth learned how to apply to Turkish universities and bursaries
  • 12 women learned hair styling and six of them opened their own salons