About Zad

We are non-profit founded in 2016 dedicated to discovering, developing, and enhancing personal and life skills in all individuals and providing educational support whenever possible.

We believe that personal development and education are primary factors for social change. Where ever we are, we make sure we recognize and enhance the skills we discover in everyone, and pave their way to reach success and ultimately make a positive change in this world. 

Ours Goals

  • To make quality education accessible to all people regardless of age, gender, financial status, disability, ethnicity, and religion with concentration on developing countries
  • To provide training in leadership, personal, and life skills with concentration on developing countries
  • To empower people of all ages to take action and make positive change in the world with concentration on women


To provide personal and life skills development as well as education to those who need it the most and to empower the women of our world.


A world where everyone has an effective and active role in their society.